I have been dying to post so many things about life in Calgary and how busy and exciting life is. I have been struggling. You see, I had a parent of one of my students tell me that she found my blog and read a lot of it. I realize I have a public blog and I’m sure strangers have taken a look around, but knowing that people in my work life have been learning about my private life has made it hard to post. I don’t think she or any other parent has subscribed for updates and there were probably a ton of parents that googled me when I first started that I don’t know about, but it is still a little weird knowing that student parent(s) might be reading the blog. I’ve been trying to ‘get over it’ but it’s been harder than I thought.

So, do you think I need to get over being paranoid or should I set up some privacy settings? Any suggestions to get over my weirdness are greatly appreciated.