Our first blizzard in Calgary has brought a silver lining… Yesterday was a Pro-D day for the kids and for me, but because of the snow, I did not have to go into work! It was also Derwyn’s day off, so we snuggled in and had a great day. The kids chilled, Derwyn and I got some shopping done in the afternoon and we almost finished decorating the tree – all while the blizzard was blowing!

Last night I got word that my school was closed and the kid’s school was not running buses – another day off! I have been lesson planning and making turkey stock and the kids have been laying low. This afternoon they both went out to explore the huge snowdrifts in the backyard. It’s been great having some time to relax after writing 48 report cards and having 48 parent – teacher interviews. I think I now have the energy to get through the Kindergarten Christmas concert (97 Kinders at once – eek!)

I pray the Christmas season is peaceful and relaxing!