Derwyn’s new baby is home!

Elated!Calgary is a commuter city and we were planning on buying a new car. Derwyn would drive our beloved Nissan Sentra and I would drive our new Chevrolet Cruize. Our beloved Nissan Sentra did not pass provincial inspection and now we have to get two vehicles. The deal had always been that if we got a second vehicle, I could get a minivan. Well, now I will finally get a vehicle that can haul my kids and their large amounts of sports equipment AND their friends, too! I won’t get a new van, but a used one that will last the kids through high school. Derwyn is VERY happy with the new car and all it’s bells and whistles. It drives like a dream (a turbo dream) and there is more leg room for the kids and a lot more trunk space. Thankfully the Nissan will live on… Derwyn’s brother is taking it up to the Yukon where the standards are not as strict and he can drive it into the ground. I’m glad he has mechanic friends to fix it up!