Yesterday we spent the day with long-time friends at a campsite just outside of Banff. It was paradise! We arrived mid-morning, visited, ate too many roasted marshmallows, visited some more, breathed in the fresh mountain air, and soaked in the views all around us.

Andrew spent the day making and tending the fire – you know how it is with boys, knives and fire…

Laurenne spent the day taking pictures – that are so amazing they deserve their own blog post, dozing in the most amazing lawn chair, and exercising with nature.

Derwyn spent the day driving back into Calgary with the guys to pick up an item one of them needed. They had a great time together in the “man van” and then setting up a new BBQ for one friend and setting up tents for another family that joined us later on in the evening.

I got the most ridiculous sun burn on my legs that I have to wear a VERY long skirt to church this morning! I filled my soul with friends, mountains and sweet contentment. To live 1 1/2 hours away from mountains is a blessing I had not dared to dream… God is so very good!

The best blessing of all is that we get to go back on Monday and do it all again. This time, there will be other kids for my kids to hang with and will make the day fly by even faster!

Enjoy the pictures and don’t hate me because I now live in such an amazing place…