Last Sunday I started my post with this: “What a ridiculously LONG day. We would not have gotten the truck loaded and the house cleaned without the many angels of mercy who came to help.”

My post today starts with this: “What a ridiculously SHORT day. We would not have gotten the truck UNloaded and the house cleaned without the many angels of mercy who came to help.”

We arrived at the house for 9:30 am and the crew of delightful St. James parishioners arrived at 10:00 am. They immediately set to work unloading the truck and several ladies came with buckets, cleaners and scrubbers. My kitchen and bathrooms have NEVER been so clean. I had to let the ladies know that when they come to visit they are not to look closely because they will never look that clean again!

At one point in the morning I had someone write down the names of everyone who was helping and there were 16 names! There were more who had already been and had to go and some who came later so I do not have a final number. Needless to say with that many helping, the truck was unloaded in record time! Are you ready for this? Our 26 foot U-Haul, loaded to the gills, was unloaded in 2 1/2 hours! We are so blessed! We had an amazing group of people at our house and I can’t wait to get to know each and every one of them! They laughed and had a great time and we’re going to love being here (there was just enough teasing, joking and ribbing to know that we’re among the right kind of people.)

There were two bonus blessings for the kids. The first was having one of the youth from the church come and help/hang-out with the kids. She is between Andrew and Laurenne in age and is a fantastic girl! The second blessing was having Derwyn’s cousin Connie pop in to say hello (OK, that was a big blessing for me, too). Connie and her family live about a one minute drive from our house and I couldn’t be happier. The blessing for the kids is that Connie is an animal lover and has a house full of pets that sent the kids into pet-lovin’ heaven. Connie took the kids to her house for a couple of hours to veg, get to know the pets and just have some down time from the mess of boxes. It was an amazing offer that blessed my socks off as much as the kids. She may regret it though…I think Andrew will live more at their house than here…just sayin’…

So, we’re here. Laurenne is an unpacking fiend, Andrew will take as much nagging to unpack as to pack (prove me wrong Buddy) and I will be dreaming about boxes for weeks to come. It was AMAZING to sleep in our own bed last night and despite the threat of another sore throat coming on, I’m determined to have this house unpacked in record time. Our house is huge and beautiful, our neighbourhood is green and friendly (remind me in another post to tell you about the bus) and I am one happy woman.

I gave Laurenne the camera to take pictures of our wonderful crew. Not everyone got their picture taken, but here is a taste of our day and our loving new church family.