I want to point out that I missed a photo of a very important person who helped out yesterday. When I took photos at lunch, he was the smart one sitting in the shade and we joined him immediately after I took the lunch pictures. I was so busy trying to swallow pizza that I forgot to take an intentional picture. However, this angel of mercy was one of the dear saints who lugged, slugged and dragged that heavy piano into the truck. He is beside Derwyn in this picture and we couldn’t have gotten the truck (and that piano) loaded without him! Thanks!Many hands and it's still heavy!

On to today’s adventure…

Well, we’re here and in one piece! We choose wisely to sleep in a little bit this morning because of our long day and late night. We didn’t leave Toronto until about 11:00 (an hour later than we intended – two hours later than our original departure time) and arrived here at about 8:30 pm. I had forgotten how long a pit stop can take (up to 30 minutes by the time you pull off the highway, find a place for the truck to park, get out, and then reverse the process). Tomorrow is our longest day, so this will be short (I’m writing this at 11:20).

We had lunch in Sudbury and made the detour to see the nickel – AMAZING! and was protected from being hit by an 18-wheeler blowing out a tire. Derwyn had pulled out to pass the loaded rig and I was parallel with the rig driver when I heard a bang and a metallic sound. I looked out my rear view mirror and saw a shredded tire flying out behind the rig. Scary, but great to know that God’s protection is active – those prayers are working!

Here are the shots from today. We’re off to Thunder Bay tomorrow and plan to stop at the Terry Fox memorial. Pictures to follow.