Wednesday night we went to our last Blue Jays game for a while. Derwyn bought 100 level tickets and these seats were amazing. The seats were not the best part of the night…

Before the game started we wandered around the 100 level to see what was there and found the Sportsnet Connected Blue Jays Connected broadcast booth where Jamie Campbell, Dirk Hayhurst and Gregg Zaun were preparing for the show. Laurenne was wearing her Zaun Blue Jays shirt and when we showed the security guard, he brought Laurenne onto the broadcast floor for Zaun to see. He invited her over, talked with her for a minute, signed her shirt and posed for a picture. Laurenne’s feet didn’t touch the floor for about 1/2 an hour. Needless to say, she was ordered to not sweat in her shirt and be extra careful… Her luck continued – while heading back from the washroom she was handed a free t-shirt highlighting the All Star game.

Because it was our last game, we asked our row host if, after the game started there were extra seats closer to the field, we could be moved up. The game was pretty packed and we couldn’t move up. However, during the crowd karaoke, we ended up on the Jumbotron for the whole song! What a surprise! I only got a few shots and there was a kid in front of us that is blocking Andrew’s face, but you get the idea. We asked the media department if we could have a copy of it, but they don’t keep Jumbotron footage – it’s only for the game… oh well – we had our moment of fame!

The Jays lost the game but not without a lot of excitement. At one point, all of the players, including the bull pens were out on the field – it was starting to look like a hockey game! It was a great night and I know we’ll be back for a game or two the next time we’re in Toronto during ball season.

Enjoy the pictures.