So I’m going to let a little bit of my geek out cuz I’m so excited I can’t wait until the end of September to share it. I have been following a choir in Calgary that I aspire to audition for one day. On their website they recommended attending a workshop that is being offered at St. Mary’s University College in Calgary. I just sent in my registration for — are you ready for this — a workshop on singing Gregorian chant. Some of you who know me, know my love of chant (it’s what I listen to when forced to drive in crazy Toronto traffic). To be able to learn how to sing it properly from two experts has me doing the happy dance often throughout the day. St. Mary’s offers a certificate in Sacred Arts (stained glass, calligraphy, painting, etc) and I would love to take as many workshops as possible. However, I’m sure I’ll be working soon – please God – and won’t have time. The following picture is on the St. Mary’s website for their Sacred Arts program. If only I had the time and the talent to create such beautiful work…oh well, I am going to focus on auditioning for this choir and feeding my soul with music.

Here’s the link to the workshop:

Sacred Arts Elisha-Six-Miracles_m