Most kids are thrilled that it’s the last day of school – not mine. Yesterday was a hard day for them as they said goodbye to many good friends – some that they will only see again on Skype, some they may never see again. Moving is one of the most stressful things for anyone but when you’re young – it’s brutal.

To celebrate a successful year – they were both on the honour roll! – we took them to see Monsters University and then out for dinner. It helped a little, but only while the movie was on to distract them. It is going to be rough, but thankfully we’re in God’s plan and his plan is not just for Derwyn, or Derwyn and I, but for all four of us. I truly believe that God takes extra care of pastor’s kids. They are not called into ministry but born into it and they have a special place in His heart.

Here are the annual last day of school pictures. I especially love the one of Laurenne leaping in the air. Last year I was trying to sneak a picture of her and her friend and was spotted. Laurenne tried to sabotage the picture by jumping in the air, but my camera got an amazing shot of her mid-air. This year, she happily jumped for me and I’m so thankful – it is an amazing shot. Andrew normally rides his bike to school, but walked on the last day so The Fedora League could reign supreme one more time. That is a story for another time.

Prayers, as always, are greatly appreciated…