What an adventure. When Derwyn first booked tickets for last night’s game, he thought Friday night youth group was over for Laurenne. Turns out it wasn’t but she wanted to go to youth instead of the game. Andrew invited a friend who likes baseball. As we are getting ready to leave I found out that Laurenne would have liked to go to the game, but youth was more important (the last game we went to Laurenne read her book for most of it – hence the reason we thought she didn’t care at all.) So, feeling really bad, we headed out for the game. We were madly trying to figure out a way to see another game with Laurenne but knew we couldn’t afford tickets like that again. We read on our tickets that we could exchange them for the same priced tickets! The question was – would we be too late to exchange them? We had the most amazing clerk at the box office when we arrived. He not only exchanged our tickets, he moved us up 5 rows and then gave us 10% off the tickets for the boys for our 500 level tickets we bought for last night’s game. Needless to say, I filled out a form at customer service commending this guy’s exceptional customer service! The only problem we now have (that we didn’t realize until we got home) is that Andrew has his own baseball game on the night we exchanged our tickets for. Now that we know we can exchange them, Derwyn’s going to have to go downtown and move these tickets to the next night.

The game last night was amazing! It was tied, bottom of the ninth, two out, one ball, two strikes and the winning run on third base. Rajai Davis hits the single that brings the winning run home – we were a little hoarse after such an exciting game. The team came flying out of the dugout and attacked Davis – very cool to see.

Usually we sit in the 500 level behind home plate. The seats we had last night were out past first base. We got to see into the Jays dugout and also saw the Orioles dugout from the side. Cool perspective. Here are pictures from the game. The last shot is a picture of what the view will be like in our seats for our final Jays game. Getting to see the Jays play is one of my favourite things – I LOVE BASEBALL! and I can’t believe our next game will be our last. At least I got two games in this season, not just one! Happy girl!