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It is still a bit surreal that we are moving to Calgary… It helped that I got to go and meet the wonderful members of the church that we will call home – do these folks ever know how to worship! It helped that we found a beautiful house to call home. It helped to visit the schools the kids will be attending – this helped us decide that they will both attend the same one! And yet it all seems a bit surreal.

I had told Derwyn when we moved to Toronto that I would give him the two years he needed to get his degree and then we were OUTTA here. We stayed two more years for me to finish a degree and now it is bittersweet that we are going. Will I miss the city of Toronto? Not for a minute! I can’t stand the traffic, the pace of life, the pollution and the feeling that you can’t catch your breath. What I will miss are the dear people we have come to love. Our church here in Toronto has been instrumental in helping us walk a new ministry path, been so open to us being involved in ministry alongside them and have welcomed and loved us.

We said our first real goodbye on Wednesday night. Our associate priest and her husband are off on holidays and won’t be back until the day we pull out of town. I can see that this is going to be a month of tears.

We put together a Toronto Bucket List, but had to keep it short because time is sneaking away. Tonight begins the fun – one more Blue Jays game. Our very first Jays game was against the Orioles and so will our last. Our first game we had “meh” seats and tonight we have AMAZING seats – pictures to follow…  The kids chose Wonderland and the CN Tower, I want to see the Bach garden on the waterfront and go to the ROM. Our first supper here in Toronto was at Red Lobster and we want to eat there again after the truck is loaded and the house is cleaned. Oh, yeah – we’re off to a family reunion in Saskatchewan the first week of July. It’s gonna be awesome.

Our only big challenge is going to be packing the whole house in two weeks. I’m still in my practicum (my last week is next week and there will be no students – just prep for next year and cleaning out the classroom), then we’re off to the family reunion, home for two weeks to pack like crazy people and then we drive away on the 21st.

I am looking forward to life in Calgary – this is the move we have dreamed of and it’s actually going to come true. When I’m feeling overwhelmed I look at a picture from our new house. Luxury awaits…

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