Even though Derwyn is not in “official” pastoral ministry while I am in school, we are still actively involved in serving at our home church. The kids are involved in church and are happy to help out – even on Christmas Eve!

We have been enjoying our time at St. John’s York Mills Anglican Church. For our friends who had no idea we were attending an Anglican church check out their website (www.sjym.ca) – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised… As the full-time tech guy, Derwyn is responsible for SJYM TV among myriad other things. It has been a wonderful time of learning another way to worship that is rooted in history, profound and refreshing. Anyway, I say all of that to set up the photos of the kids serving at the two Christmas Eve services. They are both acolytes and help in a number of ways – but on Christmas Eve, they were both torch-bearers – Andrew at the 5 o’clock and Laurenne at the 10 o’clock. During the 5 o’clock, Laurenne played bells with her youth handbell choir – they can really rock the house!

Derwyn was running sound for the 5 o’clock and ran the video projection for the 10 o’clock. What was I doing you ask? I actually got to sit in the service and enjoy. Every Sunday I teach a church school class, so to be in the service with nothing to do was simply decadent! It was a drag to sit alone for the 5 o’clock but for the 10 o’clock I got to sit with Andrew (who was EXTREMELY tired by that point).

On the spur of the moment after the 5 o’clock, we decided to invite three of the musicians over for supper and an introduction to Prep and Landing – the coolest two Christmas cartoons about some of Santa’s elves. I was planning burritos for supper but only had meat out for four, not seven! The kids and I flew home to get supper going while the guys finished up after the service. My kids ROCK! They jumped in to help out without a word of complaint! They are fierce at clean up as well!

We fell into bed around 1 o’clock exhausted and content. Stay tuned for Christmas Day…