Not only did we have fireworks for our anniversary, we also received a 19-gun salute while eating breakfast! Ottawa knew we were coming and rolled out the red carpet. Oh, wait… Ottawa knew German Chancellor Angela Merkel was coming and rolled out the carpet for her.

While eating a late breakfast (maple butter crepes, mmm…) we got to hear and see the smoke from a 19-gun salute. After breakfast we wandered over to parliament hill to get our tickets for the afternoon tour and saw the motorcade and security detail that accompanies such a visitor to the hill. I decided to ask a man with an earpiece if he could tell me where a good place to stand would be if one wanted to see Angela Merkel. He told me and then I ventured to ask if he was able to tell me when that would be. Thankfully he did give me an estimate – and then told me that if I was asked, I was to say that I googled that information. Funny guy!

So, because nothing ever runs on time, we stood out in the sun for about an hour but with front row viewing (thanks Mr. Security Detail Guy). Of course, there were press who were allowed up by the car and blocked many of the photos I took, but I did get some great shots and we had a blast. It’s not every day that you get to see one of the most powerful women in Europe. I love Ottawa!

After our very hot and humid time waiting for photos and with another hour to wait for our tour of Centre Block, we wandered over to the restaurant across the street for a cool drink and a photo-op with a grotesque. I love Ottawa! The two inside photos are from our tour before they had finished cleaning up.