…and what a week it’s been! By the end of Tuesday’s classes I thought my brain was going to explode, and by Wednesday it almost did! I have been violently ripped from my comfort zone and stretched to the point of snapping, but I choose to “Keep Calm and Trust Jesus”! I am the type of learner who thrives by sitting at my own desk, doing my own work and ignoring the rest of the class until breaks and lunch. (I have learned from one of my textbooks that this is a classic gifted learner trait – who knew?). Now I am forced to sit at a table of four, interact constantly with table mates and hand in group assignments – ACK = choking sound! I have found new ways of getting through a school day and my #1 way of getting through seven hours of comfort-stretching class is spending as much of the one hour lunch outside by myself as possible. The campus is stunningly beautiful and a very peaceful place. We are at a convent and you can sense God’s presence – it is such a gift! I have my favourite bench that overlooks a large green space and is beside a row of trees at the edge of the property. A little slice of heaven.

Now don’t misunderstand me. I LOVE going to school, I have met some amazing people, and I have learned more in one week than I thought possible (although more of it leaks out my ears than stays in my brain – there’s only so much room in there). I am amazed by my afternoon instructor. She is the most amazing teacher I’ve ever had and she models teaching excellence – I want to teach like her when I grow up… In her class we have had some fantastic projects and the auditorium where we meet looks like a vibrant, exciting learning environment and the walls are covered in our work! I took some pictures on Friday and hope to keep taking pictures so you can see how much fun I’m having.

The first picture is of our dreams and nightmares for this year. It’s a little hard to read so here they are. Dreams: to excel in such a way as to fill my teacher tool-box with everything I need to be an excellent teacher – confident, caring and professional. Nightmares: that I won’t be able to manage school and still spend the quality time with my husband and kids that I need to.

The second and third pictures are of our “I believe” tree. We had to come up with a belief statement that shared our beliefs about who we want to be as teachers and/or what we believe is important for our students. Then we had to work in groups and combine our statements to put on an apple. These pictures are the result.

The fourth picture is of our group work to create a Brain-based Concepts Quilt. My group had to depict proper nutrition and hydration – can you guess which one it is? I cannot even draw stick people well, so I was an ideas girl, not one brave enough to volunteer to wield a marker.

The last picture is my six-word memoir. The legend says that Hemingway was challenged to write a story using just six words – he accepted and here it is: “For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn”. Powerful! We were then challenged to write our personal story in six words. Mine came to me instantly and says it all!

I have the same two classes next week and have some fun assignments coming up that I can’t wait to share with you (there is also a final exam in one class that is already giving me hives…) Prayers are appreciated!

Until next week…