Officially it’s Day 1 of summer holidays and Andrew is already an unhappy camper. His computer and TV time were up and I wasn’t giving an inch. Grumble… sigh… I’m SO bored… I told him to keep looking to find something to do. Next thing I know I’m hearing a strange sound in the front yard. I look out the window and this is what I see – a vacuum cleaner trombone. Andrew had taken the two extension pieces of my vacuum outside and was sliding one end off of the other while humming into the other end to see if the sound changed. He then switched pieces to see if it made a difference. Sorry you have to look through the railing, but if I had gone outside to get a better angle, it would have been game over.

Can’t say I’m gonna miss dealing with summer boredom… Any ideas on how to keep an 11 year-old boy happy while keeping him away from electronics? I’m sure Derwyn would love some hints and tips!