You’ll have to stay tuned for Canada Day in the Morning as Derwyn will be guest-blogging for that!

For the afternoon we were at Rogers Centre to watch the Blue Jays! We were given free tickets (for which we are ever thankful!) and after we got home from church we grabbed a quick bite of lunch and were off. The temperature was too blinkin’ hot to be watching the game with the dome open – but it worked out…we didn’t bake to death, there was a nice breeze and enough clouds to block the sun for a few minutes at a time to give a bit of a break from the heat.

It was a good game (although they lost) and I have a million pictures to share. While watching the game, we saw several groups go out to do the Edge Walk on the CN Tower. For the record, those people are crazy!!!

Andrew found a great way to stay cool – he filled up his water bottle with cold water and held it against his chest. After the initial shock wore off, he stayed the coolest of us all – smart kid… I had brought some cookies for a snack but the kids were still hungry and Andrew begged for peanuts. With the prices at Rogers Centre there was NO way that we were buying him peanuts. The ladies that were sitting behind us heard the begging and saw the pathetic look and were more than happy to share their peanuts. I was thankful (the nagging stopped) and the kids were thrilled to eat peanuts from the shell.

The kids also got a great kick out of watching the coach for the Angels get himself ejected from the game. The Jays made a stunning play and got two players home to score. The last player to slide into home slid into the back catcher and the umpire called him safe. The coach really disagreed with the call and argued to the point that he was thrown out. A rather slow game got very exciting very fast!

We had a fabulous day and enjoyed celebrating Canada’s birthday in a new way!