As is the custom in the Costinak household, there are pictures taken on the first day of school and then again on the last day. They are always taken in front of the piano so that we can see how much the kids have grown throughout the year. Mornings are always crazy around here and it was a quick snap of a couple of pictures of Laurenne while the friend that she walks with waited. Of course with a friend watching, I was lucky to get what I did… I always ask for a “nice” picture and then a silly one. The silly ones are usually the best, especially of the kids together (I’ll save that for another post).

This morning I also decided to take a picture of Laurenne and her friend walking to school – to capture the view I see every morning. The view will be changing next year as Andrew and Laurenne’s friend’s little brother will be joining that view…

This morning, all of the grade 7’s were off to the zoo and Laurenne was SUPER excited that it was the last day of school and they were spending it out of the building! Check out the extreme happy dance in the last picture – that’s my girl!