One thing I love about the Anglican church is the emphasis that is placed on the church calendar and the importance of holy days in the church year. I’m all about celebrating and what’s more important to party about than the gift of Jesus and our lives as Christians. My walk of faith has become richer and deeper because of these ancient traditions. I have loved learning more about Lent, Palm Sunday, Advent, Pentecost, Trinity Sunday, and Ascension, just to name a few. I have learned so much preparing for my Sunday school class and it has been a gift.

Now I ask you, who better to teach Sunday school on Pentecost Sunday than a Pentecostal pastor’s wife? I was pleasantly surprised – there wasn’t a lot of discussion about tongues because the concept was not foreign to the children. Tongues are not some crazy, forbidden thing and it didn’t puzzle them like I thought it might.

I spent my Saturday morning preparing the craft and it was a fun way to relax on the deck on a cool morning.  My class had a great time making a Gifts of the Holy Spirit mobile and the classroom looked great for our special day.