Children of the 70’s do you remember these?

While waiting in Terminal 1 at Pearson International Airport to send Uncle Jason back to Whitehorse, we discovered the coolest art instalment we’ve ever seen. It is also the largest! In the Air Canada wing there is what looks like a giant water ring toss toy. Every now and again water and air push up through vents on both sides of the bottom of the structure and you see hundreds of plastic blocks shoot up into wonderful patterns just like the toy! I took a zillion pictures and could have spent hours just watching it – I wish I had taken a video. The piece is called Earthbound… Unbound 2003 by Ingo Maurer and I would love to go back just to see it again. Until then, pictures will have to do. I will give you a free place to stay if you would like to come and see it… it’s worth it! Really!