Time is flying by! The kids only have three weeks until school is over and I’ve only got four weeks until school starts. Time to pick up the pace on that to-do list. So with that in mind, Laurenne and I tackled the freezer today while Andrew was at baseball. I took before-and-after pictures and it just looks like I rearranged the items on the top, but trust me – there is organization under all that bread. My super-organized-takes-after-her-father daughter listed everything in the freezer and typed it up on the computer so we can keep track of what we have, plan menus and use everything up. Then, when the family is menu planning and cooking while I’m in school, they can plan using what’s on sale rather than digging into the frozen abyss that was once the freezer. We found stuff that I forgot we had (surprise, surprise) and I’m pretty sure the shrimp didn’t make it… Oh, well…

I realized the other day while looking at the calendar that the only Saturdays I have to hold the garage sale are today and — OK, so I went to check the calendar to find out the date for the Saturday just before I start school and realize that Andrew has a ball tournament that weekend as well — so I actually have NO Saturdays between now and school! The next four Saturdays have two baseball tournaments and two karting weekends.

However, there is always a silver lining! I vowed the last time I had a garage sale that I would never do it again! Never! I decided that being sworn at in another language because I wouldn’t sell my stuff for his price wasn’t worth it, and being ripped off by a woman who was a master at loading a box with stuff and waiting until I was surrounded by people to negotiate a price wasn’t worth it. I wanted to just donate everything to the Canadian Diabetes Association – they come to my house and pick everything up – but Derwyn thought the money was worth the work and here we are. So, the silver lining is that it is now up to Derwyn and the kids to put the garage sale together and hold it while I’m in school. I know I won’t get off the hook completely, but I no longer have to try and get it all together before the kids are out of school and can help. The money is to help pay for camp, so they need to do the majority of the work! We’ll see…

Here’s how the list is doing:

  • Finish digging up the old garden and planting more yummy things in (pumpkins, carrots, lettuce, celery if I can find it,  and beets). – found my carrots and beans I planted a few weeks ago decimated this morning – I don’t know why I bother!
  • Catch up on blog posts – the goal is to blog at least twice a week from now until school starts (Jason’s trip, Laurenne’s birthday, start of baseball, spring concert, school updates for the kids, etc, etc, etc.) – I’m behind on this, but think I might do a couple tonight to post later on this week… Laundry may trump this.
  • Defrost and organize freezer (can’t expect others to cook for me if they can’t find the ingredients…)
  • Organize the pantry and kitchen cupboards (ditto)
  • Do a final purge of the house in preparation for having a
  • Garage sale (really I could/should stop typing now cuz that’s gonna take way too long to get ready for)
  • Move Derwyn’s stuff out of the office and move my stuff in
  • Clean off the scrapbooking table to make way for Derwyn to have a space to call his own. (1/2 done)
  • Read at least the first of the Mitford series by Jan Karon again – I now think this won’t happen – I have a couple of books I bought about teaching that I would like to have read before I start school
  • Try desperately not to PANIC yeah, well…