Exactly six weeks from now I will be in the middle of my last class of the day on my second day of school! From having six months to accomplish a ridiculously long to-do list to having only six weeks to accomplish that same list – I’m not sure where the time has gone…and how I’m going to get it all done. Of course, taking on a third job and requesting a truckload more books to review during this semester off hasn’t helped matters much. Now there are some things on the list that no longer seem as important and I’ve also added new ones that I would rather get done instead.

So, to keep me accountable, here’s a list of what I NEED to get done and what I think are important to be done before school starts:

  • Finish digging up the old garden and planting more yummy things in (pumpkins, carrots, lettuce, celery if I can find it,  and beets).
  • Catch up on blog posts – the goal is to blog at least twice a week from now until school starts (Jason’s trip, Laurenne’s birthday, start of baseball, spring concert, school updates for the kids, etc, etc, etc.)
  • Defrost and organize freezer (can’t expect others to cook for me if they can’t find the ingredients…)
  • Organize the pantry and kitchen cupboards (ditto)
  • Do a final purge of the house in preparation for having a
  • Garage sale (really I could/should stop typing now cuz that’s gonna take way too long to get ready for)
  • Move Derwyn’s stuff out of the office and move my stuff in
  • Clean off the scrapbooking table to make way for Derwyn to have a space to call his own.
  • Read at least the first of the Mitford series by Jan Karon again
  • Try desperately not to PANIC

Wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted on the progress. These are my last six weeks as a free woman before full-time school that (Lord willing) will lead to full-time work. My life of leisure is soon to be over and I can’t wait to finally get started doing what I know I was born to do – TEACH!

Here’s the picture that will be on my student card at Tyndale – I just hope I look smart enough and young enough for them to let me stay! I should be able to keep them fooled for the first couple of weeks anyway…