Laurenne had another belt testing Friday night and she has gone from being timid during sparring to “holy cow – watch out”. She passed her testing with flying colours and her instructor has been very pleased with her progress! We are super proud of her – it’s not easy to conquer your fear of someone kicking you – on purpose and continually! Now that she has her green belt, she will learn how to break boards with her feet and hands! I love that! It’s a great confidence boost for her and Derwyn and I know that she is learning how to defend herself – fair warning boys!

This clip gives you a taste of the type of warm-ups they do before starting their practice – Laurenne is on the right in the middle. (note how high her feet get)

This video is of Laurenne receiving her green belt.

We are going to watch a competition in Mississauga next weekend – Laurenne wants to compete but would like to better understand what’s involved before jumping in with both feet! Here are some pics of Laurenne in action – enjoy!