Laurenne has worked hard this year to learn to play the violin. She chose it as her instrument last year for the regular music program but could not be in the strings orchestra as she was too busy with rehearsals for Joseph. This year she has gotten up very early every Tuesday to be at school for 7:45 am to be a part of the Junior Strings Orchestra. Laurenne’s school has a dynamic music program that makes my music teacher heart happy – the teachers strive for excellence and the Senior band and orchestra got to perform at an event with professionals and were asked to perform at a special event in a major concert hall here in the city. Laurenne is hoping to have time enough next year to be in Senior strings AND be in the musical! Ambitious musician – that’s my girl!

Here’s a small taste of the Junior Strings in action (remember they have only been playing for a year and a half) and please notice how many times Laurenne looks up at the conductor – have I ever mentioned how proud I am of her?