While Jason was here we spent a day downtown. Jason had a co-worker that would have had fits if he didn’t visit the Hockey Hall of Fame (definitely NOT on my bucket list, but proved to be SO worth it). On our way, we decided to have lunch in the food court in the CBC building and show Jason the CBC museum – everyone needs to reconnect with The Friendly Giant and Mr. Dress-Up. On our way out of the building we saw Scott Russell from CBC Sports setting up to go live! We were watching the prep and he told us that after he was done we could come up onto the set and have our picture taken – Woot! It was fun to watch him talk to Carole MacNeil and here’s the link to his tweet of our visit: http://yfrog.com/od84hhwj What a friendly guy and his cameraman was super, too!

From there we went to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Interesting enough, but not my cup of tea (especially on Spring Break and the Toronto Marlies signing autographs). While waiting for Andrew to finish at an interactive booth, I was sure I saw Brian Williams walk by – he was too far away to hear his voice and I couldn’t be sure enough to try and get a picture. We were just getting ready to leave (read trying to get the boys to finish up already) when I heard his voice – and there he was! I was right the first time. When we got upstairs to the gift shop he was still there and I got Derwyn to ask him if I could have my picture taken with him. He was so very gracious! Here he was trying to spend time with his son and grandsons and this crazy fan wants a picture. He asked where we were from and when I said BC, he asked where in BC. Turns out he’s from Invermere and was in Nelson often as a kid. He was thrilled that we actually knew where Invermere was and had been there. He spent quite a while talking with us – he was so happy to talk to people from BC.

So, for a CBC junkie it was almost too much! I think if I had seen Suhana Meharchand it may have put me over the edge… (She is my all-time favourite – compassionate, sassy, fun – but I digress). Here are the pictures of our day…