Music class this year has been a bit of a challenge for Laurenne. Having musical parents and being a “giftie” means that if the teacher doesn’t move fast enough she starts to lose patience and is bored to tears. What doesn’t help is that she is also involved in the extra curricular Junior Strings orchestra outside of class time that has more challenging music than the regular classroom. Today was one of those bored to tears kinda days. When I asked her why class was so boring, she said that it was presentation day and each student had to present a song (the same one) – many asking to start over because they made a mistake. How did Laurenne pass the time? She drew four strings on her arm and practised her favourite song from Junior Strings – Pachelbel’s Canon in D! One of the myriad things I love about my girl is her ability to make me laugh – she is clever, subtle and hilarious!