I must confess that I did not have much faith that today would go well… I have not skied for almost twenty years and I didn’t enjoy one minute of it when I went last time. Thanks to my patient and very handsome ski instructor, I had an amazing day. I came off the bunny hill with a screaming knee and raw ankle bones – turns out my ski boots were too loose. Derwyn tightened them for me and I was off to the races (OK, not quite…) I was so afraid that my old lady knees would take me out long before I was ready. Thankfully, the adjustment made all the difference and I finished off the day making it down a blue run without ending up on my bottom!

The only thing that took me off the hill sooner than I wanted was my extremely out of shape legs. I had a great morning, a relaxing lunch and then only a few runs before my legs gave out. I’m sitting now and am not sure if I’ll be able to actually get up to get to the car – I may need more assistance from that handsome ski instructor again…

I am thrilled that the day went so well. I see skiing in my future and look forward to getting used to speed and turning so that I can enjoy runs with Derwyn and kids together. No more staying home while they are out having such a great time. What a difference it made to be out in nature with no civilization in sight and actually see relief in elevation! We are not in the “mountains” but it sure is a beautiful sight compared with the yucky old city.

So, if I can walk tomorrow and am not going to be in paralysis for the next month, I can see loving this downhill skiing thing. I had no idea that my 40’s would be SO amazing – here’s to the best decade yet!

(Later and at home now) I have pictures but can’t get them downloaded off of Derwyn’s phone tonight – it’ll have to wait until much later (tomorrow is gonna be a looooooong day and I’m pretty sure it won’t get done then). Anyway, I’m stiff and exhausted and very soon off to dreamland….