What a wonderful two days it’s been…

Yesterday was Family Day here in Ontario and a statutory holiday = not having to go in to work! Yippee! We spent the day together as a family sleeping in, playing games, the boys had a serious snowball fight while the girls read and enjoyed the quiet! Another thing about stat holidays is that there is no mail delivery – drat! I would have to wait until Tuesday to see if my offer of acceptance would arrive from Tyndale. Oh well, one more day wouldn’t kill me – right? I came downstairs around 2:30 to this big bag/package sitting by my laptop. It was the clothes I had ordered online – strange – why would there be a delivery on a stat? Oh well, I went to the kitchen to get the scissors. When I came back to the table, there was an envelope from Tyndale right beside the package!!!!!!!!!!!! How I missed it when I was looking at the package, I’ll never know. It turns out that mail is delivered on Family Day AND I have officially been offered admission into the B. Ed. program at Tyndale. HALLELUJAH! I now have the password into myTyndale and can access all of the syllabi for the program that’s running this year (EEK – what was I thinking?) I am thrilled, excited and terrified all at the same time.

Today I had to go to the church to get some work done, meet with someone about a workshop I’ll be presenting in April and have lunch with my amazing hubby. I love our church and the many wonderful people who minister and attend there! While at the church someone told me that they wanted to contribute financially to my education and someone else had just cleaned out their closet and had professional and casual clothes they would like to give me (thank you Lord that she has fabulous taste in clothes and is my size!)

My heart is filled with thankfulness! AGAIN! STILL!

God continues to amaze me and I am humbled that he would choose to use and bless me.

Here’s a link to the song that is continually in my head these days…