Life around here is always on the tipping edge of crazy, and last night was a prime example of that…

I knew from a fellow student with Derwyn who interviewed on the same day as I did that notification of acceptance into the Bachelor of Education program at Tyndale was to be on Wednesday, Feb 15th. I waited impatiently for a phone call or email most of the day. I called Tyndale around 3pm to ask when notification would be sent out and how one would receive word of acceptance. The admissions department informed me that if I made the first intake, notification would go out “this week” with an email from the department and then an admissions package in the mail to follow. Well, there was always hope that they were running behind and I would get an email on Thursday or Friday.

On Wednesday I had asked Derwyn if his friend had received an email and he said that he didn’t know. Thursday night after STILL no email I asked Derwyn if he had his friend’s phone number to call and ask him if he got an email. That’s when Derwyn told me that his friend did get an email on Wednesday but he didn’t want to tell me in case the emails came out in waves and there was still hope for me to get one. To say that I was devastated would be an understatement. I was angry, confused and numb. I could not be hysterical because Laurenne had friends over and I didn’t want to scare them into never coming over again!

Derwyn was very worried about me but still had to go to the church for worship team practice, so off he went. An hour after Derwyn told me the news, the phone rang and a friend’s mom knocked on the door at the same time! As I am instructing Laurenne to open the door (picture four girls all standing in the entry way at the same time, talking at the same time) I hear “this is ________ from Tyndale University” on the phone. My ever optimistic self is thinking “I am going to be rejected tonight and won’t even make it to the second intake”. I told this poor guy to hang on a sec as I ran upstairs, leaving this mom standing in the chaos so that I could actually hear him on the phone.

With the door closed and the room quiet upstairs, I hear someone say “I would just like to congratulate you for being accepted into the Bachelor of Education program.” I was stunned and in shock and thought there must be some mistake. I thought it was possibly Derwyn’s friend phoning, not understanding that I did not make it. Me of great faith says “I’m sorry, who is this?” Pause and confused voice introduces himself again. I told him “But I don’t understand – I didn’t get the email. I know someone who did and I thought I wasn’t accepted.” (I am now on the brink of tears and asking if this is a joke) He said that he doesn’t know anything about the email, but has my acceptance right in front of him and I can expect my acceptance package in the mail any day now. Trying not to sob like a baby on the phone with this poor fellow who is about to call the men in white coats on me at any moment, I thank him a million times and hang up the phone.

Thankfully, the mom is still downstairs and I can say goodbye properly. I immediately phone Derwyn and explain what happened. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY. Because I am of such great faith (sarcasm dripping here) I still didn’t really believe that I was truly accepted. There must be some mistake and I was waiting for the other shoe to drop… I am so ridiculous… For the last two weeks, God has been telling me to “BE STILL” in various different ways. At work on Thursday as my teeth were hurting from clenching, I hear the first two bars of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” before someone gets their headphones plugged into the computer. OK God, I’ll try. Little did I know what was ahead!

This morning I got an email from the Financial Aid department at Tyndale and it has our regular email address and my Tyndale email address! I am now a believer! I have also emailed the admissions department to ask for the email that was sent out on Wednesday just in case I missed something.

So, I still have no idea the name of the person who called last night but I do know that the crazy tapes that were playing in my head for that hour last night are to be chewed up, spit out and thrown into the fire – forever!

I get to be a TEACHER when I grow up! THANKS BE TO GOD!