Our thoughts, be it positive or negative, determine who we are and what we become. That is why helping our children understand the power of thoughts from an early age is essential. Studies show that children with negative thoughts are more likely to give up; they lack confidence and motivation. On the other hand, children who think positively take on their life, they overcome challenges, they are more enthusiastic, and driven. 

I was excited to see a book come along that could be used as a tool to teach children that their outlook on life is dependent on how they think and the power those thoughts can have on the situations they face every day. It is hard to find books that are targeted to children that can be used in a teaching situation at home or in the classroom. I had hoped that What Are You Thinking by Valerie Ackley would be one of them…

However, What Are You Thinking emphasizes the Law of Attraction as a tool to help a child receive whatever he or she desires. Here’s an example: “Did you ever really, really want something and you finally got it? Did you know it wasn’t just luck? It was the power of your thoughts. You have a super mind!” To be fair, several pages later (after emphasizing the power of your thoughts) it does show a child wanting a new bike and illustrating a variety of ways that could be achieved. Yes, thoughts can colour a child’s day, and helping them to see that focusing on the positive instead of the negative is helpful. I was disappointed that book chose to lead a child to believe that it would only take a change in thinking to change sadness into happiness and lack into plenty. It oversimplified a much more complicated process.

The graphics are bright, bold and colourful. There are more fonts on some pages than one can read clearly and the main text is lost on several pages with too much detail. Some graphics are stretched to fit on the page and are distorted as a result.

There is a need for children’s books that show the power of emotions and thoughts and how a small change can help a child tremendously. Unfortunately, this book does not do that. While not a complete disappointment, it is not a tool that I would use.

I give this book 2 stars out of 5.

I received this book free from Media Guests. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.