I have been waiting for today for several weeks – not because it’s my birthday, but because it’s the first chance I would have to start wrapping Christmas presents… For one who is usually DONE by December 1st, this year holds the new late record for me.

The kids left for school, Derwyn left for work and all was blissfully quiet. The gifts were now sitting by the table waiting to be wrapped and my toast had just popped in the toaster when the phone rang. Drat – now my breakfast would be cold. Do I care now? NOPE! This phone call gave me one of the best birthday presents EVER.

On the phone was the program director for Tyndale – I have been invited for an interview in January for admission into the Bachelor of Education program! She phoned at about 9:10 and I was the first on her list! I told Derwyn that it was probably just alphabetical order, but he doesn’t think so. The chances of me being alphabetically first in a class of 60 is highly unlikely. Who cares! I am going for an interview to Tyndale – my school of choice – and I could not be happier!!!!!!!

Thanks, Lord for the surprise birthday present – it’s an amazing way to start the day!