The past six weeks have been insane and it’s not quite over yet. My last exam is on the 14th and then it’s a wonderful semester off! Not that there is nothing to be done – my house is a disaster (please don’t report me to the health inspector…) Thank the Lord that math is now over – my final exam was a week ago and I ROCKED it! To say that I have been busy would be an understatement. I have been working two jobs, taking two courses in university, directing a children’s Christmas musical (with a dress rehearsal Saturday and performance on Sunday) – oh yeah, and I have a husband and two kids and the work blessings that they are – love you guys! I am done everything on the 14th and then I have 10 days to wrap and prepare for an early Christmas because we are flying home to BC on the 25th!!!!!!!! We are SO excited to see mountains, breathe fresh air, and spend time with those we love. God is so very good to us.

I have had a number of posts that have been put on hold and I can’t wait to get you all caught up on the happenings around here. We’ve had a busy month and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon… What else is new, right?

My application is in for the Bachelor of Education program at Tyndale and now it’s hurry up and wait… I’m super excited at the thought of finally becoming a full time teacher, but a little apprehensive about going to school full time for a full year! Yikes! Thankfully having the upcoming semester off will be good for all of us. The kids will be introduced to a lot more responsibility, I will get the house deep-cleaned and organized and Derwyn can stop driving hither and thither taking me to school and back.

I’m off to study now – that Fairy Tales and Fantasy exam won’t write itself – drat!

Love to all, Wanda

P.S. These are our family ornaments for this year and they will bring smiles for a long time. I’m going to have a hard time packing them away…