What a great time the kids had last night. Last year was the first time our kids went out trick-or-treating and this year was even better than last. Andrew and a friend went out with Derwyn around our neighbourhood and came home with a haul that would make any kid drool. There were not many trick-or-treaters in our area, so Andrew and his friend got a LOT of candy at almost each house. One house even gave them a bucket of candy that they had left over and there was so much that Derwyn was giving it away on the street!

Laurenne and four other friends got together, went out on their own and had a riot! They didn’t get as much candy as the boys, but still had so much that they were able to donate 1.6 kg of candy to the soldiers of Afghanistan through the school. For every 100 grams they donate, they are given a ballot to be entered for for a gift card to the movies. Here’s hoping they win! The girls came back to our house to sort through their candy, trade dislikes for likes and gather their donations. What a great group of girls. At one point I heard “If you can’t pronounce it, chances are you shouldn’t eat it” – hilarious!

Here’s to sugar highs, sugar crashes and a LOT of vegetables to counteract the addictive properties! I hope we all survive the next week…