A couple of weeks ago I decided to spoil my girl a bit and drive her to school cuz it was raining and her walking buddy was not coming. On the way home I was rear ended by a driver who thought I was going to block an intersection (duh!) so when I stopped he hit me pretty hard.

Blessing #1 – I had no idea he was going to hit me so I was completely relaxed and suffered a tiny bruise on my arm and that’s it! No pain or injury.

Blessing #2 – we did not have to go through insurance. In Ontario it is “no fault” insurance and it’s all privatised so they can ding you stupid amounts for the smallest thing.

Blessing #3 – the guy who hit me paid for the car to be repaired and our car is almost new again (our trunk release doesn’t work now, but we can live with that).

Blessing #4 – when Derwyn went to get a rental car while ours was in the shop, we got upgraded to – ready for this – my favourite van! I got to drive a Dodge Grand Caravan for a couple of days until they had a model in our size come back. Yeah! We were to exchange the van on Monday and …

Blessing #5 Sunday afternoon we got a call from our associate pastor’s husband telling us that he was off to France for two weeks and we were free to use his car while he was gone!

Blessing #6 is that our car was done being repaired in record time. They knew that we were a one car family and made our car the priority at the shop.

God is good and his blessings abound. Thanks be to God!