It has been two weeks since Thanksgiving and I’ve had the pictures ready for this post since after dinner Thanksgiving Monday. However, Andrew was home sick for a week and I spent the next week fighting off being sick, studying for a Fairy Tales and Fantasies midterm, trying to finish a math assignment and study for and take a math test. It has been a crazy two weeks (I know, when is it NOT crazy around here?) Anyway…

Laurenne is old enough and so well practised that she made her Great-great grandmother’s secret recipe pumpkin pie completely on her own this year. The last several years I have only helped with stirring in the milk (a job that takes almost forever). This year I studied for my exam and Laurenne took over most of the dinner and dessert duties. I am so proud of my girl. She loves to cook, is so very helpful and understands the importance of family, tradition and passing on our heritage. We had wonderful discussions about the pie, her great-grandpa (the real chef in the family, who the recipe descends from, and where her love of cooking comes from).

My heart is filled with thankfulness… thankfulness for family, thankfulness for traditions that connect us to extended family even though we are a million miles away, and thankfulness for the best pumpkin pie maker in the world!