For the bit of time that we were driving in Massachusetts it was so fun to keep a look-out for the Massachusetts Turnpike signs – all of them have a pilgrim hat on them. Loved it! (I know, I know, only crazy history nut me would love it…) It was something to keep me amused on the LONG drive home.

We were able to keep the Baseball Hall of Fame a secret until we were almost there. Originally we were going to go to Williamsport Pennsylvania – the home of Little League baseball, but when we decided to go back to Connecticut, Williamsport was out. So, we told the kids that we would make it up to them on the way home. Of course the kids didn’t know that the Baseball Hall of Fame was in Cooperstown… When we were a couple of miles away, Andrew noticed that the GPS said Baseball Hall of Fame. From the back seat he thought it said Basketball Hall of Fame, which we had passed in Springfield, so he was confused. Laurenne read a little closer and the gig was up! I wish I had gotten a picture of his face… We spent several hours exploring the Hall of Fame and the numerous shops in town. There was a great t-shirt that we almost got for Laurenne that said “I have no life, my brother plays baseball”. Of course everything was overpriced and I am quite proud of the self control I showed by only buying one Christmas ornament for Andrew. I now regret not getting a couple other things, but I’ll look for them online.

Let me explain the Herkimer signs – my parents dog’s name is Herkimer. On our trip down I was floored to see a sign with their dog’s name on it and even more thrilled on the way home to find out that they must have a really famous dog hiding out at their house! He has a county, an historic village and numerous shops and attractions named after him. I missed the sign that said we were on the outskirts of the historic village of Herkimer, but let it be known that New York state is on the lookout for their famous lost “son”!

Our trip was fast, crazy, not terribly relaxing, but fun nonetheless. We found some great deals on back to school supplies for the kids (who knew that you could get New Balance and Asics shoes for kids and adults for under $50?). I would love to go back to New England for a holiday and explore more of the historic sights (shocking, I know…) and beaches. Because I have Mayflower ancestry, I would love to spend more time in Massachusetts and would love to see Boston in the fall. Time to be done posting about our holiday as I have a zillion book reviews to get caught up on before I start school again in two weeks.

Oh, and just to clear things up – Derwyn has not yet applied to Yale. It is only one of the options we are considering. We are in Toronto for two more years so that I can complete my Bachelor of Education and then we will see what God has in store for us. Two years is a long time and we are keeping all of our options open…