I had found a beach listed online that looked good, and it turned out that it was less than 5 minutes from our hotel. It was Silver Sands State Park and beach was beautiful! The sand was amazing and went out for seemingly forever. It stayed shallow for a long way out and we had a blast. The responsibility fell to me to teach the kids how to body-surf (having learned in Barbados a million years ago). Thankfully it was windy and there were some fairly good waves. However, because it was so shallow, it was hard to get on top of the waves to ride them in. Andrew had a bit more success than Laurenne, just cuz he’s shorter. The kids stayed in the water for a long time and I spent time collecting shells on the beach. There were many shells that I had never seen before and it was hard to not bring home a suitcase full. Laurenne started collecting out in the water and then on shore with me. Because of the wind, Derwyn elected to stay on shore and read a new book he had picked up at lunch – it’s a “make you think” book and he had a very relaxing afternoon on the shore. As the afternoon wore on, the wind picked up and Andrew got some serious waves and became much better at body-surfing. For the longest time, Andrew would call body-surfing body-boarding so Laurenne came up with “burfing” so that he could keep it straight – what a helpful sister she is… We had a tough time leaving the beach and could have spent weeks there.