It took us 9 1/2 hours to get here, but we are safely in Connecticut. We are staying in a town outside New Haven and are off to investigate Yale tomorrow. Right now the kids are in the hotel pool burning off all that pent up energy from being in the car all day. They were great – we stopped for all of ten minutes to eat our packed lunch and had a couple of pee breaks, but other than that, we were just driving, driving, driving. I must say, the US has some very interesting place names (not that we don’t – Elbow, Moose Jaw and Eyebrow come to mind…) I took a few pictures of some of the most interesting ones and I’m really glad that I’m not a fish in New York State – it does not bode well.

Nana and Papa, there is one picture in particular just for you. I’m sorry the quality isn’t the greatest – I didn’t have my camera out when we went by the sign in our direction, so I caught it out the back window from the other direction. I took it in upstate New York – just so you know.

Driving through upstate New York was wonderful for us. We actually had to downshift the car to get up some hills and we saw some real mountains off in the distance (not as big as BC, but mountains, nonetheless)! I know, whoopee – but for those of us who are so homesick for mountains that it hurts sometimes, it was a REALLY big deal! It was a most enjoyable drive and we have our GPS to thank – we took a route that was off the beaten path and it was a blessing.

I may post again as we go along on our little holiday or I may not – that’s the beauty of a holiday… I can do whatever I feel like – so there!