We are not yet on our way out of town for holidays… Yesterday was the play-offs for the Toronto Baseball Association. Andrew plays on a Minor Mosquito team (all ten year-olds) in a league with teams with ten and eleven year-olds. Yesterday they made it to the semi-finals – a feat we were not sure was completely possible. They play extremely well, but a lot of the kids on the other teams are giants in size to our guys – we have a lot of small ten year-olds on the team. So, the deciding game… Our pitcher had been saving our bacon inning after inning. The way the points system works for the play-offs, we had to hold the opposing team to no more than a certain number of runs against us or we were out of contention. Our pitcher had thrown his last allowed pitch (max of 70 per game – or something like that – to protect their arm). It was the last inning and we could not allow them to get any runs or the game and the chances to advance were over. I was completely relaxed on the sidelines until I realized that they had chosen Andrew to be “the closer”. Andrew has done extremely well as a closing pitcher, but in the final game with all of that pressure? Andrew is either flying or crying and he would have been crushed if he let the team down… I almost had to go sit in the car  – this was not good for my heart or my nerves!

The first batter got to first base – Andrew would be so upset he lost his focus or so mad that that would be the last time he let that happen. Two more hitters – one strike out and one pop fly that an outfielder nailed! Game over and they were off to the semi-finals! The top two teams automatically advance to the provincials (which their team did last year).

The next game was in less than an hour and the very dark rain clouds were moving in fast! We were only a few hitters in when the skies opened up and tropical storm “holiday wrecker” moved in. The game was called off and they were going to reschedule for later on this week or next weekend. If that had happened, our team would have had to forfeit – one family is off to Paris on Tuesday, we were off today, another family was leaving for the cottage later on last night and two more are already away. Thankfully our team manager is Super Woman and she knows the coaches on the team we are playing and they arranged a game for tonight. It took a lot of juggling for a field, getting umpires, etc, but it’s done and the game starts at 8:30 tonight. If you think of Andrew tonight and wonder how the game is going, could you please pray for these boys? They are an amazing bunch of kids and have worked really hard this season to advance this far against much bigger and stronger teams.

Derwyn was scheduled to be back to work for Saturday, but thankfully he found a new sound trainee that is willing to take it for him and we not only don’t lose a day of holiday, but I got an extra day to squeeze in a meeting with an amazing lady and am going to be part of a fantastic case study in education (more to come later on that). Now if I could only find the motivation to sweep the floors so that I don’t come home to a pig-sty, that would be great.

If I have the energy after the game I will post to let you know the score and whether or not we are going to provincials the last weekend in September. If not tonight, our hotel has internet and I will post once we get there tomorrow night. Here’s to the cutest ten year-olds in Toronto and the best darn closer in the league! We’re pullin’ for ya boys (and have small heart attacks on the sidelines)! Let’s go kick some butt!