Only two more sleeps until we leave for “vacation”. Really, it’s a flying trip to the US to check out grad schools for Derwyn. We’re in New Jersey and Connecticut with a drive AROUND New York City. I had wanted to see the Statue of Liberty until I learned that we would have to drive through Manhattan to get there! I can’t handle the drive in down town Toronto – you can forget New York City! So, you can expect a few posts and pictures next week – or I might wait until we’re home. I plan on spending a lot of time at the beach and doing back to school shopping. It will be so nice to be away, just the four of us – even though we’re not at a lake somewhere… I’m interested to see how much time I can squeeze into sitting at the ocean pretending that I am in some exotic country (no, the US does NOT count as exotic!). I have lists to make and laundry to do before we leave Monday morning – so have a great week and if you happen to think of us at all, a prayer for safety would be much appreciated!