Tomorrow it will be four months since Sarah passed away. Yesterday I was feeling the loss more than usual and remembered that this post has been almost ready for a while now. It seems fitting to post it today.

While I was going through Sarah’s things in the shed, I came across a notebook. From the dates in the entries, it was from when she lived on her own in town. There were only two pages filled in and they are worth sharing…

December 2, 1995 Night:  After praying with God, I was doing something. I waved and said ‘night’ to Jesus. I heard him say the same to me and felt him tuck me in. This is the first time I heard him with my ears.

January 8, 1996 Night:  Do not worry my child, for I will help you along the way.

I wish I had found these entries before I wrote her eulogy – they would have been wonderful to add. So instead, I will add them here.

Miss you Squirt…    Love, Wander