So, while both instructors actually taught for the full two hours yesterday, there is a big difference between an instructor who really knows the subject matter and one who is more of a specialist in another area. I am going to love geology. My instructor is passionate about it and starts off each class with a geology experiment – very cool! I learned that limestone buffers acid and lakes that are surrounded with limestone are not as affected by acid rain as lakes surrounded by granite. Who knew? I know, you probably don’t care, but he has made me very interested in surface water and environmental effects on it.

In Canadian Geography (have I mentioned that the instructor is from England…?) I learned that the instructor is very knowledgeable about human geography and doesn’t have much of a clue about Canada and it’s physical geography. In class yesterday when discussing forestry in BC and the success they are having in managing this resource (compared with the cod fisheries we’ll be discussing next week) the instructor mentioned that she had tried to find a map that showed the towns that are dependent on forestry for survival, but couldn’t. So, (ready for this?) she explained that the majority of these towns are located up the coast of BC because there would be no logging in the Rockies! Ummmm… there are almost NO towns up the coast and there is a heck of a lot of BC between the coast and the Rockies! Big deep breaths, big deep breaths… Today it took me about ten minutes to locate a map called Forest-Reliant Communites, 1996 (here’s the link if you’re interested: You can even ‘zoom to region’ to just see BC. I am going to muster up my courage and send the link to my instructor so that hopefully she will share accurate information with the class on Tuesday. Not that I’m an arrogant Canadian or anything… To be fair, she is a PhD student and I’m sure she’s terrified up there teaching people her own age (except for me, of course) – many of which need the class just to fulfill the social sciences requirement for their degree. I don’t think she’s a bad teacher, I just think there needs to be a Canadian teaching the class. It is going to be very different that what I expected, but should be interesting nonetheless.

With the amount that was covered on day two, I have decided that a little studying will be in order, but panic will be over-rated (not that I won’t do it anyway, that is what I do best after all…)

I have another math quiz Tuesday night and my first geology midterm a week after that. I guess I should have studied tonight instead of planting the garden, eh? Nah – I will study later… Besides, next to panicking, procrastinating is what I do best…