Well, I have survived my first day of university. I have always wondered what the difference is between college and university – many people have made a (sometimes very snobby) distinction between the two. Today, I was enlightened. The only difference it seems, is class size! Granted, it was my first set of classes, but the amount of hand holding that will go on is crazy. In Introductory Geology our two midterms are in two parts – the first hour is like a normal exam and the second hour we get the same exam again and can ask others, check in our books, look online and answer the exact same questions! (75% of our mark is from the first portion and 25% from the second) No worries about an A now! Our assignment is an 11×17 poster – I kid you not!

Canadian Geography is being taught by a PhD student who is originally from England and moved here when she was 18 (she’s only 28 now). What gives me pause is that she commented on how beautiful the Rocky Mountains were that you could see in a picture of the Vancouver Harbour!! Someone corrected her (I was trying desperately to keep my mouth shut and figure out how to tell her the mistake without freaking out!)  She started class by letting us know that we were going to jump right in to the subject matter and there was far too much to cover to  just have an introductory lecture. She read off the slides and let us out 35 minutes early!

On my walk back to the subway I kept telling myself that this is not a waste of my time and money because it is a means to an end. I need these courses to get into the BEd program and I will ace them because 1) I can, and 2) I need to.

I guess my attitude is a result of my old age. I am by far the granny in these classes (there are a couple of gramps in my geology class) and take school way more seriously than the average student. Am I disappointed? A little. Am I thrilled that my summer will be a whole lot easier than I originally thought? You bet!

It’s gonna be a great summer of learning and I’m glad classes have finally started. Stay tuned to see if my cocky attitude gets knocked down a few notches after the second lecture…