I was pretty sure that nothing could top seeing the Queen on Canada Day – I was wrong.

We were not home long from having a delightful lunch at friends house when my parents called to wish us a happy Canada Day. During our conversation I discovered that my mom is doing simply amazing! I had talked to them about a week or so ago, but it wasn’t a very long conversation and I knew things were plugging along, but had no idea how well my mom was doing. I found out that last night, because they had no home support to make them dinner, my mom did! Of course she played it down and said that it was nothing spectacular, so I was expecting to hear that she warmed up some soup or beans in the microwave. Boy, was I off. She made pasta with sausage and tomatoes AND did the dishes! She was disappointed that she only got them washed and not dried and put away – I don’t even dry them and put them away for heaven sake! They are talking about mom going grocery shopping soon (with help, of course). Grocery shopping! The idea blows my mind…

My mom has always been my hero, and I am continually amazed at her strength and courage. You go, girl – I am your biggest fan and am cheering along with many others.

Here’s to the best Canada Day in history!