Last Friday afternoon, Laurenne and some friends from school got together to say good bye :~(  to a friend going to another school in the fall. They wanted it to be a surprise, so they told her it was the “Banana Party” celebrating the start of summer and the end of school. Banana balloons were hung, as well as sad balloons with the girl’s name on them. They had to find two hiding spots, because “SOMEBODY” wouldn’t keep her eyes shut.  :/  There was food and drink (special thank you to the boy – who didn’t get an invite and is leaving the school as well – for providing chips for the girls). That’s a great friend!

Two of the girls played the piano as entertainment and then it was cupcake time! Laurenne had chosen owl cupcakes to make (thanks to M for the greatest birthday present book ever!) and what a riot that was. Each of the girls had very different artistic abilities and one had never decorated cupcakes before… After making and then eating their creations, it was outside to make videos and take pictures to add to the farewell scrapbook. The video was called “Random Backyard Adventures”. Special thanks to Derwyn for not cutting the grass – it added to the jungle-ish-ness.

Sad to see a friend go, but thankfully she lives very near and there will still be opportunities to hang out over the summer.

cheez (one of Laurenne’s many contributions to this blog post)