15 facts about Twelfth Night

A School Assignment by Andrew

  • Twelfth Night is also called What You Will 
  • The first performance of Twelfth Night was on February 2nd 1602.
  • Viola and Sebastian are twins.
  • It takes place in the kingdomof Illyria.  
  • There are 5 acts in Twelfth Night.
  • There are 8 main characters.
  • Twelfth Night is a romantic comedy.
  • It was first printed in 1623.
  • In the olden days women were not aloud to act. So when Viola dressed up as a man the actor would be a man dressed up as a woman dressed up as a man.
  • The main climax is when Sebastian and Olivia get married and when Viola and Orsino get married.
  • The name Twelfth Night, originated from the night before Epiphany or the twelfth night of the Christmas season.
  • Twelfth Night was inspired by the Italian play “The Cheats”.
  • The first Broadway production of it was June 11, 1804.
  • I play Sebastian in Twelfth Night.
  • I am in act 1 scene 1 out of act 2 scene 3.