After lunch, the kids were given about 35 minutes to wander around St. Lawrence market – with the instructions to imagine they were in the markets of Paris – haggling was encouraged. One girl got a $15 necklace for $8! Laurenne and her buddies got ice cream and took pictures of the several cheese and meat shops – they were fascinated by them…

Another parent helper and I spent most of our time in a tourist shop that sold Canadiana – complete with maple syrup, maple leaf shaped pasta and chocolate moose pajamas! I am in love with these pj’s and have placed them on my wish list for Christmas. Those who know me well know just how crazy I am about Canadian moose and beaver items. I even own two beavers from Roots – one is named Adanac (Canada spelled backwards – Laurenne named him). As I type this I realize that the second one is still unnamed – which I shall remedy shortly with Andrew’s help.

Once our time was up, we headed off to the Distillery District – quite a hike from St. Lawrence Market!