I got the marks back from my first math quiz and I’m sure my mark is a result of my math “good luck” charm. You see, I was missing Sarah, was anxious about my first quiz and wishing that she could write the quiz for me. Sarah loved math and would do extra after school just for fun (apparently that gene skipped me…)

So, I decided to bring a bit of Sarah with me to my quiz. I had brought home her nail polish from Williams Lake knowing that my mom would never wear it. I put the hot pink (totally Sarah) on my toes. Then, knowing that Sarah has had the ultimate make-over in heaven, I added my new polish called Strobe Light to jazz it up a bit. It was fun and I loved having Sarah with me during my quiz.

Did it help? You bet! My mark was 25/25!

Thanks Sarah! My toes will always look this way for each and every math test from now on – I need all the help you can give me. You are now my own personal Patron Saint of Mathematics!