I had my second math class in 23 years last night. During the first class we spent the first half of the class going over the syllabus, outline and school contact information. My brain only started to hurt in the last 20 minutes of class when she was teaching how to find the lowest common multiple using prime numbers…

Last night was class two, but we only got to cover fractions – no problems yet. However, my textbook is HUGE and weighs (I kid you not) SIX POUNDS and is six centimeters high. When I look near the end of the book, my brain not only hurts but threatens to explode. I’m so glad that we get to work up to the nasty stuff – and over two semesters, not just one.

So, if anyone knows that patron saint of mathematics or the patron saint of terrified mathematic students, I would  be grateful if you could pass that along – I will need all the help I can get.