Another four years until the next election… I’m thrilled that we will have stability and I’m most pleased with the outcome (although I didn’t dream it would turn out the way it did). We ate, held our breath, ate some more and happy danced the night away. Derwyn finally crashed around midnight – he had been up since 4:30 and couldn’t stay awake any longer. I stayed up until the very end and my husband – the best in the world – let me sleep in and got the kids off to school. Now it’s time to watch the reaction of the country until it’s time for work.

Here’s the spread – a phyllo pastry buffet, mmm…  I will need to run a marathon every day just to burn off all of the butter ingested.

My next political goal is to make it to Ottawa to visit Parliament Hill while the house is in session. I would love to see Question Period in action. My plan earlier was to get to Ottawa for the May long weekend, but with baseball practices on Saturdays and both of us working on Sundays I’m not sure we’ll ever make it without pulling the kids out of school (which would be fine with them). We have time to get things figured out and perhaps in the fall we can journey out that way for a few days of ‘holiday’ and crossing off items on my bucket list.

Happy post election,