Well, I seem to be cooking for an army when it’s just us for our first ever election party. We have always watched the election coverage from beginning to end (as much as there was a beginning in BC) and this time I wanted to celebrate the fact that I would get a few extra hours of coverage now that we are in Ontario. Little did I know that elections Canada changed the times polls are open in the different time zones and it seems that BC has only 1/2 an hour of blackouts before coverage begins. Oh well, it’s great for BC and there is still reason to stay up late – several ridings in BC are too close to call and will be fun to watch. I will nap before I go to work tomorrow…

The phyllo pastry creations are coming along. I have shells done to fill with blackberries and top with pistachio whip cream, baklava is in the oven and the rest will have to wait until after a shower (mushroom and onion tart, parmesan twists and apple strudel with caramel sauce). I have a feeling that tonight I will miraculously find the 15 pounds I had lost… The kids will be home soon and then we are off to vote.

Do you take your kids with you to vote? We always have (they come into the booth with us) and it allows for great discussion about the candidates and why we are voting the way we are. Kids need to be politically aware from an early age and understand what a privilege it is to be Canadian. We do not have to riot in the streets and shed blood for democracy – we need to be responsible with the blessing we have been given by being born in Canada! So, if you are reading this and have yet to vote – what are you waiting for? Get going!

More later,  Wanda